December 2019. Congratulation to Michael Hulse graduating with a Ph.D. after defending his thesis about the role of LMP1 on cellular metabolism.

December 2019. We have a great time at the Fox Chase Cancer Center Epigenetics Symposium. We heard the latest about histone demethylases and the translational application of demethylases inhibitors.

May 2019. Congratulation to Sarah who successfully passed today her prelim. She is now officially a Ph.D. Candidate working on the 3D chromatin organization of EBV. Cheers!

May 2019. Congratulations to Mike Hulse who was awarded 1st place for his poster presentation at the 4th Annual Fels Trainee Day. This is the first time that a member of our lab won the poster competition.

February 2019. An article about our recent discovery of the role of PARP1 in LMP1-driven gene expression has been published on Science Trends

November 2018. The paper from our collaborator Dr. Maria D’Erme is now available on PubMed. The work shows that PARylation may thus represent one of the molecular switches responsible for the transition of microglia towards the inflammatory microglia phenotype, a pivotal player in brain diseases including neurodegenerative processes.

November 2018. Our paper describing the role of PARP1 in regulating LMP1-induced gene expression through HIF-1A is now available on the PLOS Pathogens website.

October 2018. We are glad that the research of our collaborator Dr. Maria D’Erme has been accepted for publication in Biochemical Pharmacology. Dr. D’Erme and her team identified several Poly(ADP-ribosylated) proteins in β-amyloid peptide-stimulated microglial cells and our team helped them to validate some of the proteins identified. Congratulation to Lisa Caruso who is also a co-author in this paper.

October 2018. Congratulations to Michael Hulse: his paper about the role of PARP1 in regulating LMP1-mediated host gene expression has been accepted for publication at PLOS Pathogens. Our paper demonstrated the ability of LMP1 to hijack the host epigenetic machinery for regulating cellular gene expression.

September 2018. The 2018 Chromatin Control of Viral Infection meeting had a lot of great science with very interesting talks about CTCF and chromatin loops, including the one from our group showing the effect of PARP1 activity on CTCF binding across the EBV genome.

August 2018. There is a new member in our group: Sarah Boyle just joined our laboratory as a Research Technician. Sarah has a lot of experience with molecular biology, fluorescence microscopy, and cloning. On top of that, she is also a very positive and energetic person. We are very glad she has joined our team.

July 2018. Our lab had a terrific time at the IHW2018 in Vancouver and the EBV & KSHV meeting in Madison. We met fantastic scientists and heard very exciting talks about herpes virology and presented our recent story about PARP1/LMP1 interaction and the epigenetic control of EBV infection. We had also the opportunity to walk around and enjoy the beauty of Vancouver and Madison.

June 2018. Congratulations to our former graduate student Lena Lupey-Green: her paper about the role of PARP1 on regulating EBV chromatin structure through CTCF has been accepted for publication in Journal of Virology. We all are very excited about this work that shows how complex is the regulation of the EBV epigenome.

June 2018. Lisa and Michael did a terrific job presenting their exciting research at the 4th Fels Trainees Day that took place Friday June 1st at the Fels Institute for Cancer Research and Molecular Biology. 

May 2018. Congratulation to  Lisa Caruso for being accepted to attend the 4th International Course on Persistent Viral Infections and Immune Evasion organized by the Institut Pasteur International Network partnering with Institut Pasteur of Rome and Institut Pasteur of Paris.

May 2018. Congratulation to Michael Hulse and Lisa Caruso for being selected to present their work at the IHW 2018 in Vancouver. Michael, who also received a merit award, will talk about the importance of PARP1 activity for LMP1-induced gene expression. Lisa will present her exciting results showing how interaction with nuclear lamina can regulate EBV latency.

April 2018. Our team received a new award from NIH to study how the chromatin architecture of Epstein-Barr Virus genome affects viral gene expression!

March 2018. Congratulations to Lisa Caruso and Kayla Martin. Their paper on the regulation of EZH2 activity by PARP1 was published by Oncotarget.

January 2018 We are glad to announce that our project was awarded one of the five pilot grants that were created as part of the Special Pledge at the annual In Vino Vita Benefit and Wine Auction. We would like to thank the donors for their generosity which provides a vital support for our research on novel therapeutic approaches for treating cancer.

December 2017. Congratulations to Michael Hulse on winning a grant support at the Research Symposium organized by the Department of Microbiology and Immunology at Temple University. Michael won the grant for his oral presentation about the role of PARP1 activity in EBV-mediated cell transformation.